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The company began its history in Spain. Development of the company, as divisions of large pharmaceutical manufacturer, started in 70 years, and in 1981 Avizor stood as an independent entity with its own manufacturing facilities. 

His key to success Avizor considers research and development each year a significant portion of the budget is allocated for research and scientific development. The company was one of the first to use microbial enzymes in the media lens care. 

Since 1985 Avizor produces multifunctional solutions that use well-known and recognized ingredients. 

In the early nineties the company began actively to export their products abroad, in 1999, exports amounted to 75% of the total turnover Avizor. Products Avizor comes mostly in the European Community. 

In 1991, the company has developed a formula for a single-stage Avizor peroxide system and enzymatic cleaner in the form of effervescent tablets, which have a low toxicity. 

In 2000 Avizor introduced a new universal solution for MCL, including a system of deep cleaning (removal of protein deposits), which does not require mechanical cleaning lenses. 

The use of modern production facilities, careful selection of raw materials and strict control over the observance of production technologies cause the highest quality products Avizor. 

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AquaSoft AquaSoft
A solution for all types of soft contact lenses containing lubricant

The promotion is valid until 33 May!

Unica Sensitive Unica Sensitive
A solution for soft contact lenses

The idea is a good solution

Comfort Drops Avizor Comfort Drops Avizor
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215 грн
Rewetting drops fast action for all types of lenses

The frequency of application and number of drops should be selected independently of sensations

Alvera Alvera
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396 грн
solution with Aloe Vera extract

Multifunctional solution for silicone hydrogel lenses

Moisture Drops Avizor Moisture Drops Avizor
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345 грн
Moisture to improve the comfort of wearing lenses

The frequency of application and amount of drops should be selected independently

EverClean EverClean
Peroxide system for all types of contact lenses

This solution is all but only for the processing of silicone lenses

Enzyme Enzyme
Tablets for the removal of protein deposits from the lens surface

If you notice an allergic reaction to the enzyme tablets, the alternative is to make a solution Ever Clean

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