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Ciba Vision (USA) - an international leader in research, development and manufacturing of optical and ophthalmic products and services, including contact lenses, care products, and ophthalmic pharmaceutical and surgical products.

Since 1980, a small company Ciba Vision has grown to become the second largest manufacturer of contact lenses and care products in the world. In 1996, Ciba Vision has become part of the largest company Novartis, the pharmaceutical sector is the leader in virtually all areas of medicine. Today the products of Ciba Vision is available in more than 70 countries.

Ciba Vision attaches great importance to scientific research and the introduction of innovative products and manufacturing processes. Introduction of innovative technologies in the production of contact lenses has created a range of soft contact lenses planned replacement. Recent years, the company pays a lot of attention to healthy contact lens wear, preventing the emergence of chronic hypoxic stress that develops when wearing conventional hydrogel contact lenses.

Ciba Vision - the world-renowned supplier of cosmetic contact lenses that change or enhance eye color. The company offers the largest selection of colors, shades and styles, more than 60 combinations of all existing species.

In the media lens care products, Ciba Vision has also introduced a number of innovative products. Single-stage system AOSept, which is also known as AOSept Plus. AOSept solution provides a high efficiency of the peroxide cleaning and disinfection combined with ease of one-tier system. Unlike multipurpose solutions, AOSept contains no preservatives and requires no wiping lenses.

Surgical Ciba Vision specializes in products for ophthalmic surgery, which help to improve, protect and preserve vision. The company has created an intraocular lens MemoryLens, which is implanted through a small incision at the remote location of the lens in cataract. Other innovative products and PRL Vivarte - refractive lenticular lens. They can be a reversible alternative to laser surgery, such as LASIK, because the latter is an irreversible impact on the cornea of ??the eye. Other products include surgical TearSaver for treatment of dry eye syndrome; UniVisc, Ophthalin and Ophthalin Plus - viscoelastic, which are used to protect the eye during surgery. The parent company "Ciba Vision» - Novartis AG, a global leader in the field of health which is the main directions - pharmaceuticals, health products, genetic engineering, agribusiness and veterinary drugs, food, etc.

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PRODUCTS Ciba Vision

Focus Dailies Toric Focus Dailies Toric
Daily toric contact lenses for the correction of low degrees of astigmatism

For the comfort of wearing these lenses recommend that you always carry with them a drop-grease.

AQuify AQuify
Moisturizing and lubricating drops for all types of lenses

The frequency of application and amount of grease or drops should be selected independently

Precision UV Precision UV
monthly hydrogel contact lenses

sociable for those who could not wear silicone hydrogel lenses

Solo Care Aqua Solo Care Aqua
A solution for all types of soft contact lenses

When choosing a solution guided by the advice of your physician or personal feelings

Focus Monthly Focus Monthly
Monthly contact lenses

For storage and hydration of the lens solution recommended Opti Free Express, cleaning - Ever Clean

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