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With the creation in the late 80's, a fundamentally new material - A Tetrafilkona resistant to the accumulation of sediments, developed the first series of its own planned replacement lenses - Preference, sales of which were developing at an impressive pace. 

In 1993, following the acquisition of CoastVision, engaged in the production of soft toric contact lenses for people with astigmatism, CooperVision set the goal of an active market introduction of toric contact lenses, where he was able to take a leading position. Basing the design of the lens Hydrasoft Toric, previously issued by the Company CoastVision, the company has established a perfect toric lens planned replacement Preference Toric, using for its own production technology and their best material - Tetrafilkon A. 
In 1997 the company was acquired by Aspect, but the production of lenses and remains under the brand Cooper Vision. In addition to traditional soft contact lenses recently put into production a series of planned replacement lenses Cooper Flex and a series of planned replacement toric lenses Frequency 55 Toric. High quality and reasonable price enable them to compete successfully with lenses of similar purpose other firms. 
In late 1998, a group of companies Cooper sold its hospital business with a view to focus on the development of Cooper Vision and strengthening its position in the contact lens market. Soon Cooper Vision has developed and patented a technology Ultrasync (synchronized liquid molding) in which the lens was obtained finally made ??already in shape and did not need to rework the edge. This allowed the company to take another step to improve the quality and standardization of products. 
July 28, 2004 Cooper Vision and company Ocular Sciences Inc. signed an agreement to buy the last of the 1.2 billion dollars. From a market point of view, this association has significantly increased the company's share in the world market, although most of the models of lenses they are competing against each other. 
In 2007, Cooper Vision introduced to the market its silicone hydrogel lenses Biofinity. This emphasizes that the company is at the forefront of the market and forms a contact lens vision correction. 
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PRODUCTS Cooper Vision

Biofinity Biofinity
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805 грн
Premium-lenses 3pcs/pk

For storage and hydration of the lens solution recommended Opti Free Express, cleaning - solution Ever Clean

Biomedics 55 Evolution Biomedics 55 Evolution
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948 грн
Monthly contact lenses

For storage and hydration is recommended to use a solution Opti Free Express

Biofinity XR Biofinity XR
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1 014 грн
Mini Park (3 lenses)

Have knowledge eliminates the need for faith

ClearLux Premium ClearLux Premium
ClearLux Premium

Third generation silicone hydrogel lenses

Biofinity Toric Biofinity Toric
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1 050 грн
Monthly toric contact lenses

Top 3 among toric lenses

MyDay daily disposable MyDay daily disposable
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1 230 грн
MyDay daily disposable

One-day silicone hydrogel lenses by Cooper Vision

Biomedics Toric Biomedics Toric
2-week toric contact lenses

For storage and hydration of the lenses recommended solution Opti Free Express.

Six-month contact lenses increased comfort

Application Ever Clean peroxide solution makes wearing these lenses particularly comfortable

Delta Plus Delta Plus
Multipurpose solution for all types of hard contact lenses

Please note that some of the All in one solutions are suitable for rigid lenses

Avaira Avaira
For experienced users who know how to take off the lenses

When purchasing these lenses in optics ask your doctor so that he once showed you how to distinguish between external and internal side.

Frequency XCEL Toric Frequency XCEL Toric
Monthly toric contact lenses

When using these lenses are recommended solution with a lubricant, such as Aqua Soft

Biomedics Colors Premium Biomedics Colors Premium
Colored contact lenses a month

When using these lenses are recommended solution with a lubricant, such as Aqua Soft

Biomedics 1-Day Extra Biomedics 1-Day Extra
Daily contact lenses

Day contact lenses are indispensable when traveling on vacation.

Frequency 55 Aspheric Frequency 55 Aspheric
Месячные контактные линзы с асферическим дизайном

Для этих линз рекомендуется применять раствор со смазкой, например Aqua Soft

Biomedics 38 Biomedics 38
Russian suppliers

For most lenses fit any simple solutions, such as Multison, Renu

Frequency Colors Frequency Colors
Colored contact lenses

When using these lenses are recommended solution with a lubricant, such as Aqua Soft

Proclear Proclear
Monthly contact lenses with higher water retention properties

Be attentive and careful, GMA-lens materials require particularly careful treatment

Biomedics 1-Day UV Biomedics 1-Day UV
Daily contact lenses

Take note that the delivery of this lens is unstable Ukraine

Frequency 58 UV Frequency 58 UV
monthly hydrogel contact lenses
Biomedics XC Biomedics XC
Interruptions in the supply of, the Russian supplier

For storage and hydration is recommended to use a solution Opti Free Express

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