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Gelflex - not very well known in the world, but strong and successful Australian company producing contact lenses.

First of all, attention is drawn to the fact that in the range of companies represented contact lenses for all occasions. I can safely say that Gelflex can provide Australian residents with everything you need in this area. The range is - soft contact lenses of planned replacement toric, multifocal, scleral different species, children, gas-permeable, non-ferrous. Not every company can boast such a track record.

The manufacturer emphasizes that his lenses have the highest level of protection against UV-rays and high-quality patented edge of the lens, making the lens wearing comfort.

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Sea Clear Sea Clear
High protection against UV-ray
Sofclear Sofclear
High protection against UV-ray
Sea Clear HD Sea Clear HD
Lenses for 3-6 months


What is your substance, whereof are you made,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend.
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