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Interojo company offers a full range of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel contact lens of high quality.

Today Interojo is one of the fastest growing companies. Persistent large investments in research and development give the good quality products in the output . Interojo company managed to conquer Europe, the market very hard to get. Today in Europe, there are almost no countries where Interojo lenses are not presented.

One of the finest qualities of Interojo lenses is that they are made on HD (High Definition) technology - high definition vision. HD lenses, unlike other aspheric lenses have perfect aspheric curvature for each diopter and thickness and compensate for deviations caused by the deformation of the lens on the eye with blinking eyelids and pressure. This results in better visual acuity at all distances but also increases the depth of field, decreases astigmatism and enhances the contrast sensitivity, providing a sharp and clear vision.

High definition lens is an excellent choice for patients with astigmatism, presbyopia of earlier degrees, and for those who wish to see better.



Morning Q 55UV Morning Q 55UV
Feedbacks (39)
780 грн
Monthly contact lens of high definition

Excellent visual clarity

icon reccomendation
O2O2 O2O2
Feedbacks (21)
1 080 грн
Premium-lenses 6 pcs/pk

Third generation breathable lenses

Morning Q 38 Morning Q 38
Feedbacks (14)
580 грн
Branded High Definition optics in conjunction with a good clinic

User-friendly and easy to handle

PolyVue HD PolyVue HD
Feedbacks (20)
270 грн
High-definition contact lenses

Lenses of high-definition

O2O2 toric O2O2 toric
Feedbacks (3)
1 500 грн
Premium lense 6 pack

third generation breathable toric lenses 

icon reccomendation
Morning Q 1-Day Morning Q 1-Day
Feedbacks (5)
750 грн
Bio-oriented one-day lenses + lubricant inside the material

Comfort all day long

icon reccomendation
Morning Q BIO Morning Q BIO
Feedbacks (5)
870 грн
Monthly contact lenses from a biocompatible material

Hydrogel lenses for sensitive eyes

Adria Festival 2 Tone Adria Festival 2 Tone
Feedbacks (0)
750 грн
Colored lenses for the day

bright colored lenses

PolyVue HD Toric PolyVue HD Toric
Feedbacks (1)
510 грн
Astigmatic contact lenses for three months

This lens provides decent comfort and visual acuity

Adria 2 Tone Adria 2 Tone
Feedbacks (0)
750 грн
Colored lenses - a holiday of the soul

colored contact lenses

Festival Crazy Festival Crazy
Feedbacks (0)
400 грн
Fancy colored contact lenses

In his heart, each of us is an actor. And ... it's great!

Adria Festival 1 Tone Adria Festival 1 Tone
Feedbacks (0)
750 грн
Comfortable coloured lenses

Single-colour hydrogel coloured lenses

Morning Q GMA UV Morning Q GMA UV
Monthly contact lenses with higher water retention properties

Morning Q GMA UV - only positive feedback and gratitude

O2O2 multifocal O2O2 multifocal
Feedbacks (0)
1 800 грн
good quality multifocal contact lenses

lenses for correcting age-related presbyopia 

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