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The company manufactures a range of pharmaceutical products for contract customers, which include major pharmaceutical and government organizations.

The origins of the company Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Limited are in the early seventies. In 1972, the company was founded Hartford Laboratory Limited for the purpose of doing business as a manufacturer of tools for the contact lens. By 1985, the brand was developed by Sauflon and it was decided to rename the company.

To date Pharmaceuticals Limited has grown into a large company has a leading position in the domestic UK market. The main production is located in the county of Kent in south-east England and is equipped with the latest technology in line with European standards. All our products, including plastic accessories, the company manufactures in the UK.

Recently, Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Limited has entered the markets of the USA, Italy, France, Australia, Russia and Ukraine. The company is very active marketing policy by any means penetrating the market.

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ClearLux Clariti ClearLux Clariti
Monthly silicone hydrogel lenses

Best of these lenses for the night shoot.

ClearLux OneDay Aspheric ClearLux OneDay Aspheric
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960 грн
Daily contact lenses

Silicone-hydrogel 1-day lenses

ClearLux 55 UV ClearLux 55 UV
Lens Production ceased

We offer replacement

Sauflon 42 UV Sauflon 42 UV
Six-month contact lenses

Contact lenses worn daily for a period of 3-6 months

All in One Light All in One Light
We offer replacement

We recommend using this solution after opening less than a month

ClearLux Bio ClearLux Bio
Monthly contact lenses

For storage and hydration is recommended to use a solution Opti Free Express

ClearLux Comfort Aspheric ClearLux Comfort Aspheric
Monthly contact lenses

These lenses are recommended solution with a lubricant, such as Aqua Soft

One Step One Step
Peroxide system for all types of contact lenses

The system to be used in combination with a conventional solution and enzyme tablets

CyClean CyClean
We offer replacement

Purchase products with an indication of the composition on the packaging

Comfort Drops Sauflon Comfort Drops Sauflon
Увлажняющие и смазывающие капли для всех видов линз

Частоту применения и количество капель необходимо подбирать самостоятельно по ощущениям

Synergi Synergi
A solution for all types of soft contact lenses

Purchase products with an indication of the composition on the packaging

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