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For experienced users who know how to take off the lenses
Manufacturer: Cooper Vision

Avaira - a two-week silicone hydrogel contact lens of the third generation for day and extended-wear.

This is the second silicone hydrogel lenses from CooperVision company which was released after a short time after the first lens Biofinity. In fact, it is more than a fiscal lens Biofinity, but the level of performance and attributes she also smaller. According to the manufacturer's protocol is a 2-week lens. However, given the interest in the European market in Europe, the developer has received the status of a monthly lens provided daily wear. Hence the conclusion: if you want to wear it without taking off - you have two sessions (2 x week), will wear in day mode - might make it to a month. Anyway in the passport data stated good performance, modulus of elasticity is rather low and therefore the lens should be comfortable. However, silicone hydrogel lenses are not so simple, and each specific lens must be checked in their own eyes. Unfortunately, in respect of this lens have complaints - dry by evening. But we have a lot of practice of its application so perhaps it is not frequent.

Although this lens appeared in Ukraine recently, in fact it is one of the old-timers. So we can not say that this is a new supernovae which embodies the modern technology. We can only say that some companies manufacturers of contact lenses tend to produce a lens which best they managed to create, the other - the budget.

Users should also be aware of some specific information about silicone contact lenses:

  • Better to use daily wear (to shoot at night) and daily cleaning;
  • If you are using the extended (continuous) mode of wearing, in a week (7 days), according to the directive producer you have to discard the lens and replace it with a new one;
  • Given that Ukraine has no means of care designed specifically for silicone contact lenses, you must as the best way out to use peroxide to clean;
  • Incorrectly chosen physician silicone contact lenses can cause damage greater than that incorrectly picked hydrogel lenses.
Mode of wearing:
Term of use:
2 weeks-month
enfilcon A
Water Content,%:
Modulus, MPa:
Curve Radius, B.C.:
Diameter, DIA:
Thickness on centre, mm:
Power range, PWR:
-10.0 -9.5 -9.0 -8.5 -8.0 -7.5 -7.0 -6.5 -5.75 -5.5 -5.25 -5.0 -4.75 -4.5 -4.25 -4.0 -3.75 -3.5 -3.25 -3.0 -2.75 -2.5 -2.25 -2.0 -1.75 -1.5 -1.25 -1.0 -0.75 -0.5 -0.25 0.0
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When purchasing these lenses in optics ask your doctor so that he once showed you how to distinguish between external and internal side.

Viktor Shevtsov сhief consultant
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