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Wohlk Peroxid


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Wohlk Peroxid
Peroxide system for treating contact lenses
Manufacturer: Zeiss
60 мл + контейнер
360 мл + контейнер
Wöhlk Peroxid system provides cleaning and disinfection of high quality. One-step peroxide system Wöhlk Peroxid copes with all kinds of bacteria and microbes, thus preventing the possible development of infectious diseases.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and wipe them dry with a clean towel.
Place each lens of the basket a special container, which comes with a peroxide system Wöhlk Peroxid. Be sure to use exactly the container, it is arranged in such a way that allows the exit gases during the neutralization process.
Fill the container to the level of peroxide system.
Add one neutralizing tablet Wöhlk Peroxid neutralizing tablet and close the container.
The container is closed flip several times up and down.
Leave the lens in the container for at least 1 hour or overnight, but no more than 48 hours.
After the process of disinfection fluid must be yellow color (due to the presence of a color indicator - vitamin B2). If it does not, then the process of disinfection carried out not true or maybe forgot to put in neutralizing tablet. In this case the disinfection process to be repeated. If all goes well, the lens can be removed from the container. They are immediately ready for use.
The container should always be rinsed and dried.
IMPORTANT! The lenses must be located in the container with the peroxide system and certainly one neutralizing tablet. Never wear lenses if neutralization process is not finished! Hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation and burning of the eyes! If this should happen, wash your eyes with clean running water and seek medical attention.
Capacity, ml.:
60 360
Period of use after opening:
1 month
The minimum processing time:
1 hour
Removal of proteins:
no have

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