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Acuvue Advance


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Acuvue Advance
2-week silicone hydrogel lens
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
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Acuvue Advance - silicone hydrogel contact lens is a second generation with the addition of a component that holds water Hidraclear.

An advantage of silicone hydrogel contact lenses is much larger than the oxygen permeability of hydrogel lenses indicator (Dk / t 147). Silicone is embedded in the matrix material of the contact lens and forms a "transparent" for the passage of oxygen bars. The level of oxygen permeability of silicone contact lenses oxygen permeability than water (90 Dk / t). That is, the silicone contact lenses, having greater than that of water (tears) oxygen permeability, does not actually prevent the penetration of oxygen to the cornea. This allows you to negate the problem of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), which can sometimes occur while wearing hydrogel lenses (in case of improper use).

Unlike silicone hydrogel lenses for lenses needs a period of adaptation. Silicone lenses of the first and second generations are characterized by high hardness and density, they would be rude. Some users did not manage to go on with silicone hydrogel lenses. We recommend that you do not worry about it and continue to wear your hydrogel lenses, unless, of course, the desire to go to the silicone is not due to the doctor's recommendation and insistence. In this case, try to look for a softer silicone lens (third generation). It should be borne in mind that in place of the lens, Johnson released a lens Oasys, so the presence of these contact lenses in stock should be specified.

Users should also be aware of some specific information about silicone contact lenses:

Better to use daily wear (to shoot at night) and daily cleaning;

If you are using the extended (continuous) mode of wearing, in a week (7 days), according to the directive producer you have to discard the lens and replace it with a new one;

Given that Ukraine has no means of care designed specifically for silicone contact lenses, you must as the best way out to use peroxide to clean;

Incorrectly chosen physician silicone contact lenses can cause damage greater than that incorrectly picked hydrogel lenses.


Contact lenses Johnson & Johnson's currently on the Internet are not for sale. You can get them in our shop.

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