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35 Verhovinna Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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36 Bogdan Khmeltitsky, Kyiv

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Our company Likon was established in 1993 as a laboratory for the production of soft and hard contact lenses. Until 1998, we had just been doing, successfully competing with imported products coming to our market in 1996. To this day, our lenses demand exceeds our production capacity. We produce three types of soft contact lenses; colored contact lenses, including individual orders to hide the defect of the iris; hard contact lenses; pediatric contact lenses.
Since 1996, we hold customer service in the store-optics. Our doctors have extensive work experience. Most users will continue to be serviced with us to this day.
Since 2004, we have added an additional activity - import Multison solutions from Latvia. This low-cost solution for a while was a healthy alternative to expensive solutions company Baucsh & Lomb.
In 2000, we opened our online store. It was the first online store for the sale of contact lenses and care products.
Since 2008, we present the market leading Korean company - Interojo. The company produces high quality contact lenses, contact lens covering all needs. We have relationships with distributors dialer postavlyayuschemi other types of contact lenses.
Since August 2014 we have been supplying to the market the means of care of the Italian manufacturer of Ukraine means for ophthalmology company Soleko S.p.A.
In 2022 our company has expanded its field of activity. We introduced spectacle lenses of the leading Israeli company - Shamir - to Ukrainian market. This company not only produces quality spectacle lenses, but also is a developer of its own technology.



With an eye person gets most of the information. We use them for orientation, non-verbal communication, perception of shapes and colors. But a good vision from nature is not given to everyone: about a third of the population in developed countries have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia or strabismus. But good vision - an indispensable element for a full life.

Our company operates in the field of contact lens vision correction more than fifteen years. We are engaged in wholesale and retail sale of contact lenses and care products, we sell the products of almost all brands represented in Ukraine. Some brands we represent in Ukraine as a supplier of these products for other brands - have a dealer or trade agreements.

We tried to buy contact lenses or means caring for them occurred to you as quickly as possible and "comfortable." This is why the site has an online store where you purchase the right product, you can make a very simple and fast, without leaving your home or office - courier will deliver your order at a convenient time for you.

Also, if necessary, you will receive a quality service in our ophthalmology ophthalmology salon, where you have all the necessary medical equipment and doctors with considerable experience in the contact lens vision correction.

Realizing that we do not just do business, but to work and help people with vision problems, we are trying to build on complete trust with the client and attention to its current needs.

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