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Contact lenses Yearly


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Lileya 40 Lileya 40
Feedbacks (17)
350 грн
Correct low astigmatism

A considerable number of people medically preferred lenses with 38% water content

Olimpia UV Olimpia UV
Feedbacks (11)
370 грн
The most popular lens for 8-10 months

The most popular among the traditional lenses - gives a clear vision, steady comfort and is unpretentious in care

PolyVue HD PolyVue HD
Feedbacks (20)
270 грн
High-definition contact lenses

Lenses of high-definition

Olimpia h Olimpia h
Feedbacks (6)
480 грн
Machined contact lenses with higher water retention properties

conventional lenses with increased comfort

Olimpia h UV Pediatric Olimpia h UV Pediatric
Feedbacks (0)
500 грн
Special lenses for the correction of children

They are used in pediatric ophthalmology

Sauflon 42 UV Sauflon 42 UV
Six-month contact lenses

Contact lenses worn daily for a period of 3-6 months

Six-month contact lenses increased comfort

Application Ever Clean peroxide solution makes wearing these lenses particularly comfortable

Maxima 38 Maxima 38
Six-month contact lenses

Be sure to ask about whether your diopter is available, the supply of these lenses is irregular.

Sea Clear HD Sea Clear HD
Lenses for 3-6 months


What is your substance, whereof are you made,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend.
Optima FW Optima FW
Optima FW - supplies have stopped, we offer replacements

Deliveries have been discontinued

Maxima 55 Maxima 55
Six-month contact lenses

Be sure to ask about whether your diopter is available, the supply of these lenses is irregular.


Lenses for vision per hour

This lens covers the period of use from 6 months to 1 year.

In European countries and other parts of the civilized world lenses in this category tend to be made by turning. In our market, in this same niche are lenses made in the form of (cast moulded), which can not provide the properties of lenses for use during 6 - 12 months. For example, we do not know what is the difference of the lens CooperVision Edge III FW and Biomedics Evolution together. The first one is sold in the Ukrainian market as a one-year, the second - as a monthly. But this is the same lens. More responsible the company - Baucsh & Lomb moved away from such manipulations and we praise it for this.

Although, in general, monthly contact lenses prevail on the market of Ukraine, however it absolutely does not exclude the very successful wearing of traditional lenses. And, frankly, we do not know how would the picture of the ratio of lenses used be distributed, if not the active promotion of monthly and one-day contact lenses by distributors.

Long-wear contact lenses

After all, what is needed for successful wearing of contact lenses? Subjectively - it is simply comfort. Speaking in technical indicators, the cornea must get enough oxygen, and the lens must provide the necessary optical sharpness. But it all may well be in the annual contact lenses.

Likon`s choice (this is of course our lathe curt lenses):

- Olimpia UV - contact lenses for a year,
- Olimpia h - annual contact lenses,
- Lileya - long-wear contact lenses

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