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Contact correction of sight

02 Sep 2010
Correction of using contact lenses (contact lens vision correction) - is widespread throughout the world and effective means of optical assistance to a person, which in some cases has a distinct advantage over glasses. Contact lenses currently uses about 10% of the population, and this figure is growing. Few people know that in the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci described a lens that was to change the optical properties of the eye, and in the late 19th century, people have already started using contact lenses for vision correction immediately. In '50 the last century with the advent of polymers and there was a real boom mankind began to move from contact lenses to glasses.
Correction of using contact lenses (contact lens vision correction) are especially popular in recent years, owing to scientific and technical progress, new materials, improved designs of contact lenses, methods of selection and manufacturing. This allows the average person with special comfort and safety have clear vision without glasses. It's no secret that in some areas of life of modern man without contact lenses can not do, be it work, leisure or sport (buy contact lenses).
At any given time contact lens vision correction used for:
- Optical correction: with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism Presbyopia etc.;
- Therapeutic correction (soft contact lenses), while protecting the cornea, the artificial increase in terms of action of drugs;
- Cosmetic correction (tint, tinted, colored contact lenses), at various congenital or traumatic defects of the eye, in the protection from UV radiation when changing or enhancing the natural eye color.
Be sure to pay attention to the fact that contact lens vision correction - a purely individual type of optical correction, selection and monitoring of wearing contact lenses requires a thorough eye examination and observation of the patient.
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