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Contact lenses Interojo

18 Feb 2016

The South Korean company Interojo was formed in 2000. The starting element served as an American company Polyvye Tehnology which specializes in research and development in the field of contact lens. Interojo redeemed at Polyvye necessary patents, built a modern plant with the best equipment and began work. The owner of the company doctor of Rho, being a connoisseur of contact correction of vision, realized that only a high level of quality will allow them to go beyond the Korean market. This was the credo of the company Interojo.

Interojo Today the company is the best Korean manufacturer of contact lenses from one year to expand its market. She has successfully mastered the Asian, European, American markets, as well as the CIS market. To get to the American market and Japan is quite difficult, however Interojo already there. In Europe, its lenses are available in most countries under private names. The volume of exports increased rapidly and reached in 2012 $ 20 million.

The product line Interojo presented all the necessary contact lenses for contact lens. They have an excellent monthly hydrogel lens Morning Q 55 through which, in fact, the company has become known Interojo. They have two Sodium Haluronate- lens: Morning Q Bio Morning Q and 1-Day offering the user a stable comfort while being worn. These lenses Sodium Haluronate embedded in the matrix material in the polymerization step. In 2012 the company launches Interojo silicone hydrogel lenses O2O2. In a short time, this lens has successfully entered into the development of the company's market and to date has pressed many of its famous competitors. Comparative characteristics you can see below.



Also, the product line includes: toric, multifocal, bandage, colored lenses, that is, all that is needed in the contact lens.

Hallmark contact lenses Interojo is good, clinically correct, fit the lens on the cornea. Whatever it was, experienced doctors know that, whatever the excellent technical performance in the contact lens and the presentation of its distributors, lens fit and its behavior on the cornea plays a crucial role. And in this matter experts Interojo achieved amazing results: the lens is perfectly sit on the cornea of ​​the eye, have the necessary optimum mobility, have a comfortable "invisible" region.

Another considerable advantage Interojo lens is brand design HD - high definition view. Doctors ascertain that often patients wearing lenses Interojo, state of surprise about the incredible clarity of vision. This is probably one of the reasons why there is a very low maintenance with Interojo lenses.

Another medically important, Interojo lenses advantage is the presence of UV-filter. WHO Report on the negative impact of the hard UV-radiation on the eye tissues unequivocally: UV-irradiation is one of the active factors of degradation processes in tissues of the eye. Some Grand manufacturers, not predusmotrevshie this option in their contact lenses, they are now beginning to lose their patients.

Ukrainian consumer has a great opportunity to enjoy high-quality contact lenses companies Interojo.

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