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Innovative technologies in the production of contact lenses

24 Jun 2010
When using contact lenses all we are faced with a choice. This article provides information about the key technologies used in contact lenses.
Contact lenses have continuous contact with the cornea, as worn directly on it. If the surface of the lens has a water repellent (hydrofobnost), it leads to discomfort, dry eye, and further erosion of the epithelium of the cornea. The use of hydrophilic materials - the most important task. The cornea receives oxygen from the air, not like other organs through the circulatory system. Therefore, we need so-called "breathable" material that passed through the air itself.
When blinking is friction century inner surface of the lens surface. Given the average number Morgans per day (approximately 15,000 times), it becomes clear that the lens must be perfectly flat and smooth transition to the edges of the cornea. This will prevent damage to the century and as a result of inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. The high sensitivity of the cornea lens requires maximum low modulus of elasticity, ie it should be as gently as possible. Manufacturing companies are using this latest scientific developments, modern manufacturing processes and equipment.
Linzы Johnson & Johnson
The company's specialists have developed technology Hydraclear Plus, which made it possible for most smooth surfaces with high humidity. The implementation of this technology - contact lenses Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus with low friction, high humidity, tear film stability and high oxygen permeability index
Cooper Vision
In the manufacture of silicone hydrogel lenses third generation Biofinity, the company used the material "Komfilkon A". It is possible to overcome the high modulus of elasticity. Using advanced technology Aquaform, silicone was subjected to structural changes at the molecular level. As a result of the material have become ultra-high value oxygen permeability (Dk / t). The company Cooper Vision has released a family of PC-hydrogel contact lenses with a biocompatible material "Omafilkon" to the eye did not perceive lens as a foreign body.
Ciba Vision
Embodied in the one-day lenses Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus technology "triple moisturizing» Triple Moisture Action. Three component involved in providing humidification: HPMC- component wets lenses during and immediately after putting on, PEG slowly diffuses from the body and moisturizes lens surface continuously throughout the day, and activated component PVA blinking century as a "refreshing" lenses with every blink eyes.
Contact Lens Bausch & Lomb
Minimize a one-day contact lenses Soflens Daily Disposable Spherical aberration in lenses of any optical power. Soflens Daily Disposable perfectly corrects distance vision in low light in the evening. For driving at dusk or at night is a good advantage.
After years of work in his research laboratory have received silicone hydrogel contact lens with the lowest level of silicone lens dehydration. The company's work has chosen this as the main criterion.
Daily contact lenses Morning Q One Day in addition to the benefits of a daily regime replacement made from biocompatible material "Hayoksifilkon" with very low dehydration, ie, have excellent ability to retain fluid and wear at all times remain imperceptible to the eye.
In the selection of contact lenses is important to consider all possible options. Every year there are more and more comfortable and better contact lenses. The doctor, who sposterihayetesya you should always be aware of all developments and innovations.
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