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New ways to protect the health of using contact lenses

09 Sep 2013
Scientists from different countries have developed a number of new contact lenses which not only correct the visual defects, but also help to deal with other problems of the body.
For example, the red-colored contact lenses perfectly cope with the relief of symptoms severe migraine (headache). They filter the light rays that have a negative effect on the receptors of the retina - the light-sensitive tissue at the inner side of the eye, causing a headache. Sportsmen and women also began to wear red contact lenses, because they act as excellent sunglasses, but without limiting the peripheral vision.
Other latest contact lenses will soon come to the aid of people with diabetes - they no longer need to regularly check your blood sugar using a painful puncture the skin. These lenses are responsive to glucose detected in tears. If her level of anxiety, the lens signal about its owner, changing color.
Millions of people suffering from dyslexia help contact lenses with special color filters. Many people are much easier to read the text, which is written on colored surfaces, rather than the traditional white. Painted lenses solve this problem. Their level of color will be developed individually for each patient by ophthalmologists.
Dyslexia - a kind of specific learning disorders, having a neurological nature. It is characterized by the inability to quickly and accurately recognize words, decode, learn spelling skills. These difficulties are associated with deficiency of the phonological component of language. They exist, despite the preservation of other cognitive abilities and complete learning environment. A second violation occurs understanding of the text, the lack of reading experience and dictionary.
For the treatment of corneal diseases, the researchers placed the lenses stem cells that have the ability to turn into other cell types .. Eye producing eye drugs such as vitamin E, will soon treat glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.
Other developers have built in a miniature sensor contact lens eye pressure. Wearing such lenses developers offer people predisposed to serious visual disturbances - glaucoma. In this disease, the person gradually destroyed the optic nerve. One of the signs of the disease - an increase of pressure in the eyeball.
Electronic filling contact lens tracks the daily changes in this parameter. With the help of microscopic radio data is received on a laptop computer. His owner lenses should always carry with them - for example, in your pocket. Special software analyzes the information, and if there is a threat to the health reports this person.
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