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Silicone hydrogel lenses III-generation Interojo

01 Apr 2014
Company Interojo in 2010 released to the world market its first silicone hydrogel contact lens, which was named O2O2.
To everyone's surprise players debut was a success. We remind you that, for example, the company Cooper Vision for a long time was busy with the release of his first silicone hydrogel lenses and had two false starts. Similarly difficult was the release of the silicone lenses from the company Ciba Vision. The company Bausch & Lomb continues to work on improving their silicone lenses, and recently released the third generation of PureVision II, trying to be on a par with the leading manufacturers. Against these examples of successful debut Interojo looks awesome. Success and achievement of results has become a hallmark Interojo.
So, what are the parameters and properties O2O2? This lens does not have the ultra-high oxygen permeability index Dk / t, but this option from O2O2 (Dk / t 100x10-9 (cm ml O2) substantially exceeds the figure for the safe daily wear (Dk / t 35x10-9 (cm ml O2) and it exceeds indicator for day wear Dk / t 87x10-9 (cm ml O2). In his design company Interojo staked primarily on patient comfort while meeting the medical requirements in terms of oxygen permeability. And indeed, the patient from the first minute stay lenses O2O2 notes in front of her high level of comfort, which is usually not typical for silicone hydrogel lenses. This is ensured by the material properties and thickness of the lens is quite small, only 0.06 mm which is uncharacteristic of silicone lenses (usually the thickness of 0.08 - 0.10 mm ). It is also a hallmark of the contact lenses is their Interojo good fit and alignment of the lens in the eye. These things tend to be delivered to the doctor a lot of trouble, and he does not like working with lenses that sit on the bad eye. In the case of lenses O2O2 these problems there, they sit perfectly in the eye with a wide range of corneal radii from 7.2 to 7.8 mm.
And yet, is there any disadvantages O2O2 lenses? The two-year practice of these lenses in Europe, (sold in most European countries since 2010) found that a number of patients they do not fit. But this figure (10 - 15%) is in line with indicators of the number of failures of famous brands and is a feature of all silicone hydrogel lenses. Of the remaining 50% of patients become resistant users of contact lenses.
We believe that the Ukrainian consumer has at its disposal a good silicone hydrogel contact lens.
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