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The influence of TV and monitor the child's eyes

31 Oct 2010
Most parents and doctors believe with good reason the main "enemies" of children's psyche and the TV and computer, so try to reduce the time for such fun to a minimum. To understand why these limitations are important, we should understand what happens to the eyes of a child during these sessions.
When a baby is watching TV, the images on the screen of his eyes perceive as the luminous flux is refracted inside the eyeball and projected on the retina. To see the most accurate picture, the child reflexively, without thinking and without understanding their own reactions, straining eyes. Plus, the screen image is constantly moving, its details are unclear or small child's mind that makes the baby focus on closer examination it, and this further increases eye strain. If the child spends watching television or computer too long, day after day ??, eye strain becomes excessive. The situation is much more complicated if watching TV is in badly lit room. Predictably, that sooner or later the child begins to experience visual fatigue: red eyes, a feeling cramps, headaches begin. If time does not take action, it will lead to loss of vision - the development of myopia and other abnormalities.
However, parents still should not be afraid and totally excluded from life TV, computer and reading - enough time to strictly limit these classes. After all, television is an integral part of a child - the baby needed cartoons, educational transfer, interesting books, and in this age of global computerization it should develop computer. Simply mom and dad should look to it that the burden on the children's eyes was reasonable. The only exception is babies younger than two years - their TV is not recommended. First, they understand little of what he saw, because for them it is just a bright picture. Secondly, in addition to eye strain, television, usually stimulates a child that affects his central nervous system. Children older than two years be allowed to watching TV for no more than 30 minutes a day, children from three to seven years - 40-50 minutes, from seven to thirteen - for 1.5-2 hours.
It is equally important to correctly build a "dialogue" with the child TV.
There are a few simple rules:
need only watch television while sitting, preferably in a comfortable chair;
Screen must be located exactly in front of the child. In no case should not be allowed to baby looking at the screen side;
in the evening need additional lighting in the room. If the morning or afternoon in the room gets bright sunlight, and the TV stand so that the child is sitting in front of the window, the screen becomes illegible, creating a strong eye strain because the curtains a little better zadёrnut;
distance from the eyes to the screen should be at least three meters, provided that the screen size is 21 inches, that is a little over 0.5 meters. The larger the screen, the more of it you need to put a child. This type of screen - plain, flat, LCD, Plasma - does not matter.
For children 5-7 years is not recommended as a long pastime at the computer - no more than 1.5 hours per day. Older children when working on the computer needed rest for 10-15 minutes every hour "consideration" in the monitor. In addition, you must ensure that computer screen has a layer that protects the eyes from radiation.
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