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Clinical analysis of the solution I-FRESH

06 Jun 2016


We offer clinical analysis of multipurpose solution for contact lenses I-FRESH Italian manufacturer of tools for ophthalmology company Soleko S.p.A.
Multipurpose contact lens solution I-Fresh combines innovation, dictated by increased requirements of patients in the new, less favorable working conditions. In particular, natural hydroxyethylcellulose lubricant contained in the I-Fresh solution, forming a thin film on the surface of the contact lens prevents evaporation own tears and allows the patient more comfortable to carry for a long time contact lenses. This is true for most people who work at the computer, ie, "Rarely blinked" and lose at the same time the natural hydration of the cornea.
Numerous clinical observations of patients who used the solution I-Fresh, held throughout the year, show a significant increase in the level of comfort in the lenses, habitual for the patient and the absence of symptoms such as a burning sensation, a feeling of "sand in the eyes" and dry by the end of the working day. And, in fact, the problem of "dry eye syndrome" - one of the key when using contact lenses. In the solution to this problem is also directed action lubrication «Queen`s I-Fresh», having in its composition 2 lubricating components: hyaluronic acid, and hydroxyethyl cellulose. At the same time, the concentration of hyaluronate is 0.2% - a record figure in the Ukrainian market.
Traditionally a manufacturer adheres to the principle of minimal toxicity in their products. Due to the low content of preservative PHMB - 0.0001% EDTA and disinfectant - 0.01% in the I-Fresh solution, provided the harmlessness of and loyalty to the patient's eye - in fact, on the basis of the declared parameters in the products of other manufacturers, the solution I-Fresh - a least-toxic products.
Similar parameters lubrication «Queen`s I-Fresh»: EDTA - 0.023% and poligeksometilbiguanid - 0.00005% have no analogues in the Ukrainian market.
The third, no less important feature of the solution I-Fresh - the presence in its composition sulfonic acid taurine, formed from the amino acid cysteine. The name comes from the Latin Taurus (the bull), because It was first isolated from bovine bile. Taurine improves trophism eyes, stimulates healing processes in degenerative diseases and conditions associated with impaired eye tissue metabolism. When using the solution I-Fresh patients, noted its regenerative effect on the cornea, analogous to the use of eye gel "Korneregel".
Thus, the original, multifunctional solution I-Fresh cleans, rinses, disinfects, preserves and moistens all types of soft contact lenses, combining the convenience and ease that wish our patients, with efficacy and safety that they need.
Medical kontaktologi Sychev Elena Rudolfovna
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