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Daily wear contact lenses

24 Nov 2009
Successful contact lens wear
Daily maintenance of contact lenses - probably the most important factor that provides a safe and successful lens wear. Users do proper lens care regime has a significant importance for the preservation of normal eyes and life extension lenses. Unfortunately, some people do not use the care of contact lenses properly. Recent estimates show that most people who use contact lenses without performing lens care regime. Unexpected was the fact that people with more experience of wearing contact lenses often violated treatment than novices.
Failure care regime is a major factor that can cause a number of negative consequences - from eye irritation and discoloration lenses, to more serious abnormalities requiring medical intervention. Most patients are so concerned about emerging problems that they stop wearing contact lenses.
Daily wear contact lenses
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb believes failure mode of contact lens wear factor hindering the successful use of long lenses. In this regard, the company started to develop lens care systems specifically designed to address the failure mode. The first step in the development mode of recommendations was wearing on consumer products companies and doctors. Based on conversations with patients and oculists company Bausch & Lomb (bausch lomb buy lenses) set three main criteria regime wearing lenses.
The ease compliance
Patients and ophthalmologist informed the company that most lens care systems based on the use of hydrogen peroxide difficult to use. Often vozikayut misunderstanding and patients use these systems properly. Most respondents believe that the use of simple, convenient lens care regime will reduce the possibility of errors and ensure more accurate execution mode.
Applicability for all types of soft contact lenses
Some patients complained about the change in color of lenses and other problems associated with the incompatibility of lenses and care. The doctors demanded the creation of systems that are compatible with a wide range of types of soft contact lenses, which allowed to recommend one system for all patients.
Patients and ophthalmologist would have effective means for removing deposits that would reduce the number of negative effects and extend the life of the lens. In addition, it was required that the systems for disinfection proper degree E reduced the risk of eye infection. Low toxicity. Many ophthalmologist expressed concerns about the long-term effects associated with exposure to toxic environment eye antimicrobial agents such as chlorhexidine, thimerosal and hydrogen peroxide. Patients often complain of burning and irritation in the application of disinfectants containing data ingredients.
Mnohotselevoy Solution
Ynhredyent Appointment
Sodium borate
Bornaya acid Boratnaya bufernaya system
Sodium chloride osmotic pressure regulation
Poloksamyn Neyonohennoe surface-aktyvnoe substances
G Dvunatryevaya EDTA Kompleksoobrazovatel
Daymed (polyamynopropylbyhuanyd) Antymykrobnoe funds
Like salt solutions, multi-purpose solution contains a buffer system and component that regulates osmotic pressure. The buffer system maintains a neutral pH. Sodium chloride was used to obtain of isotonic solution. The recipe, balanced for pH and osmotic pressure, compatible with both soft contact lenses and eye on the environment. These characteristics allow use multipurpose solution for cleaning and storing lenses.
Multipurpose contact lens solution is an effective cleaner for everyday use, as it contains disodium salt poloksamin and EDTA. Poloksamin - a nonionic surfactant that removes lipid and protein deposits weakly. EDTA is a complexing that removes calcium and other mineral deposits. Multi-use solution for dissolving tablets foaming cleaning company Bausch & Lomb. At the stage of weekly enzymatic treatment is effective removal of denatured protein deposits. Disinfection properties of multi-component solution due to the presence Daymed
The use of multi-solution for the care of contact lenses
Stage Product
Ezhednevnaya Mnohotselevoy Cleaning Solution
Promыvka in solevom Solution Solution Mnohotselevoy
Sodium Chloride Solution Mnohotselevoy
Vыmachyvanye with dezynfektsyey Mnohotselevoy Solution
Fakultatyvnaya okonchatelnaya promыvka Kompleksoobrazovatel
Daymed (polyamynopropylbyhuanyd) Antymykrobnoe funds
Ezhenedelnaya fermentatyvnaya obrabotku Mnohotselevoy Solution *
* - As rastvorytel for penyaschyhsya cleansing tablets.
Application mnohotselevoho rastvora allows us uchest all noshenyya lynz Criteria mode.
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