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Eye drops for contact lenses

11 Nov 2009

Drops for contact lenses are buried directly in the eye with the lenses on to increase the patient's sense of comfort. These drops allow you to get rid of the feeling of dryness and discomfort. They can also be used to wash the eye from particles of an irritating substance.

drops for contact lenses

Not all patients need these drops. Therefore, mostly doctors recommend these drops to those who feel dryness and discomfort. These drops are needed:

  • patients in whom dry eyes are explained by the characteristics of tear fluid;
  • to those who work in a dry atmosphere or in windy weather;
  • for whom it is difficult to remove the lenses from the eyes;
  • with long-term wear, when dehydration of the lens occurs during sleep (some patients in this case bury them in the eye before going to bed to avoid the sensations associated with dehydration in the morning);
  • with allergic symptoms;
  • elderly people with reduced secretion of tear fluid;
  • to those who take oral medications that impair the production of tear fluid;
  • those whose eyes get tired during the day.

Noel Brennan and Nathan Efron conducted a study to determine the most likely patients whose eyes will itch, dry or water. An analysis of the indicated symptoms in 104 users of soft contact lenses was carried out. As a result, it was established that:

  • complaints about "dryness" occur more often than itching and increased lacrimation;
  • women who use oral contraceptives experience dryness and itching more often than those who do not use these contraceptives;
  • those whose service life of lenses is six months or more complain of dryness more often.
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