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3D-films can cause serious vision problems

19 Oct 2010

British scientists have found that watching movies in 3D is very dangerous pleasure that may affect how the stars in particular, and the health of the whole organism.

3D effect is a special technology that allows viewers to see on the screen a three-dimensional image (three-dimensional image). To create a three-dimensional image during the filming, a special camera with two lenses that are spaced at a distance of 64 mm (average distance between human pupils). The camera uses two 70-millimeter film to record separate images for the right and left eyes. Later the two images overlap each other on the same screen through special filters. The viewer wears glasses, which are also built-in filters, so that each filter passes only the portion of the image that is intended for that eye. This technology, for example, used in cinemas IMAX 3D. Based on the data volume builds brain image.

In the study, scientists from the British Open University interviewed a thousand spectators who when watching 3D movies use special glasses. It was found that only 20% of normal viewers could watch a movie in 3D glasses. Other 80% felt after watching malaise, moreover, it was observed that 3D goggles reduce vision.

"The problem is that watching a movie in 3D exposes serious eye exercise. Many people, especially in children, it leads to eyestrain, headaches and dizziness - says ophthalmologist and director of a British eye clinics James Sutton. - I had not been able to watch movies in 3D. I can not relax in a three-dimensional cinema where I start with 15 minutes of pain. Two hours of watching this film can easily make you sick. "

Overexertion eye seen from the fact that all the 3D effects are putting pressure on the eyes, from which there is tension and optic nerve and eye muscles. Perception of three-dimensional image is problematic for individuals suffering from strabismus and a form of blindness - ambiopatiey.

Symptoms such as severe headaches, dizziness and even vomiting occur as a result of coercion of the human eye to focus simultaneously on both front (which causes reduced eyes together), and the distance to objects (which causes eye "break"). Thus, the visual apparatus and is responsible for his part of the brain are in an unnatural situation in which not every person can adapt. The effect has called "problem verhentnoy adaptability."

Movies technologies developed for other IMAX 3D last about forty minutes. This is the best time that experts have established, so that the eyes could withstand film and not get tired. But many 3D movies last more than one hour, and sometimes about three hours (eg, the length of the movie "Avatar" is 162 minutes).

Russian specialists from Scientific-Technical Complex "Eye Microsurgery" strongly not recommend young children to watch cartoons using 3D technology. It's a real eye-violence, as special effects actually interferes with the normal physiological process of natural development of eye.

Young children learn to perceive the world gradually, in stages. Due to the structural features of the human eye that we see, then "adjusted" in the brain. The full vision appears only five. In twelve years of body formed as optical device, but the entire cycle is completed to twenty years. This miracle technologies like 3D, you can watch only people with full vision in both eyes, ie those older than twenty.

Another danger is that the reusable glasses in cinemas, and through them can be transmitted eye infection. Because cinema visitors are advised to make sure that the glasses were issued only after antibiotic treatment and plastic containers as headphones in airplanes.

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