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30 Jul 2010
Dear users of contact lenses, we want to once again draw your attention to the fact that contact lenses - medical product. Although contact lenses successfully and actively sell online, however, the more you show your eye doctor ophthalmologist kontaktologov, the less likely any "surprises" in the use of contact lenses.
While modern technology and provide frequency parameters of contact lenses, and the idea that spending once the selection of lenses with a doctor, you can buy contact lenses anywhere and anyone - theoretically correct, but in practice operates to important warnings:
First, the quality of contact lenses "walks" even eminent producers;
Secondly, there are reactions on the part of the eye that occur after a certain period of time (three months to 1-2 years);
Thirdly, even the doctor can make mistakes in the selection (which he also correct in subsequent patient visits).
That is why we recommend showing your doctor at least every six months.
In more developed countries (US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia), where there is medical insurance and medical liability, contact lenses are purchased mainly in hospitals or optics (not online). Often, even the most patient oriented approximately lenses that he uses. For all the responsible physician. In Ukraine, there was another extreme - one more step and contact lenses be sold on the stalls in the underground passages.
We recommend that you save on health and especially on the eyes
We also want to draw your attention to some patients addicted to cheap lenses. Cheap contact lenses will initially result in visual acuity was not distinctive of the use of more expensive lenses. While you are young and healthy, it will take several years. But there is a slow ongoing processes in 5-10 years will lead to irreversible negative consequences and the whole economy will be spent on expensive contact lenses, expensive cleaning agents, vitamins, and may even have to go back to glasses.
Now there are many websites where you can buy contact lenses in Kiev. Virtually all of these sites (maybe except our) given only positive characteristics and praise of proposed lenses and care. The only purpose of such sites - and sell goods as possible in larger quantities. It is not particularly worrying about the health of patients and the possible negative consequences.
For comparison, we give a description of the solution for all types of soft contact lenses Sauflon Synergi (lenses Sauflon), which it is available on our website and description of the same solution on another site. See the difference?
In this once again strongly recommend when buying via the Internet, pay attention not only on price and speed of delivery, but also very meticulously treats of the seller and his "truthfulness" in respect of goods sold.
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