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Decorative cosmetics and contact lenses

27 Aug 2010
It is believed that wearing contact lenses imposes a taboo on the use of makeup. This is not the case, there is at least sometimes use makeup while wearing contact lenses, really, accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. This happens due to the fact that the eyes of the long exposure to polymer materials sooner or later become sensitive. Particles cosmetics, falling on the cornea can cause irritation, itching, pain, redness and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, showering, cosmetics can get under the lens thus zabrudnyvshy it.
Choosing makeup and putting makeup, contact lenses owners need to consider some additional nuances that help avoid feeling uncomfortable when using it.
The first thing you should pay attention - this VA letters on the package. This abbreviation means that the product has passed ophthalmologic control. And it says that he deemed safe for those who wear contact lenses. In other words, such cosmetics can be called oftalmokosmetyka.
The following are the main features of the ophthalmic cosmetics:
- Micronized texture of cosmetics. Thus eliminates the risk of irritation or damage to cells of the cornea.
- Particles cosmetics are perfect round shape, do not have an abrasive effect, so they do not hurt the sensitive mucous membrane of the eye.
- Lack of flavors, which may have an allergic reaction.
- No Oil ingredients can cause damage to the lens.
- Use mineral (natural) pigments - titanium dioxide, iron oxide and zinc. These pigments do not cause skin allergies and intolerance reactions. Besides mineral pigments are antiseptic, so cosmetics based on them do not require any preservatives (or they require minimum quantities). Zinc Oxide, among other things, can perform functions at Sun SPF15.
Another important feature of mineral pigments - their insolubility in water, oil and other solvents. That mineral pigments not paint over the contact lens, continuing her life.
Indian ink
Mascara should be waterproof. It is better if it is thick and dense. You can not paint the eyes from lash reason, in this case a high risk of contamination of the lens, it is necessary to start from the middle to the tips of the eyelashes. It is better to refrain from using mascara that lengthens lashes with thin fibers. Fibres can get under the lens, thereby damaging it and causing inflammation of the eye. Also it is not desirable to comb eyelashes - dried ink may crumble, then it will fall to pieces lens. If this happened, the lenses should be removed and thoroughly rinsed. Touche recommended to change at least every 3-4 months, what would it includes not multiply bacteria that can cause inflammation.
Generally, underscore lines ever better to use a soft pencil, not a liquid liner. But if you still use a liquid liner it as well as to be waterproof mascara. You can not apply the liner on the inside of a century at the roots of eyelashes. Change it should be every three months.
Avoid using liquid shadows and shiny and pearly shades. These are often part of the substance of which the lenses can accumulate rust. Shadows should be tightly compressed. For their application should use the foam applicator. Cotton swabs and brushes should not use. Eye shadow should be applied lightly and carefully shade the skin age. Every six months the shade should be changed.
If you use a moisturizer, preferably that he had not contain oils. As in the case of particles falling on the lens, it will be spoiled.
Hair spray, deodorant and eau de toilette spray
Apply them best before wearing lenses. But if the lenses are installed, then spraying the funds should be tightly cover the eye. After finishing spray means necessary to get out of scattered clouds, and only then can open your eyes.
Also equally important role and make-up sequence:
In the beginning it is necessary to do hair (especially when using hairspray). Then put the toilet water (spirits). Now you can wear lenses. Then put the tone, powder, blush and lipstick. The eyes are painted last. Rinse after removing makeup recommended lenses.
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