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Terms of use lenses

22 Dec 2009
How to wear lenses
Place the lens on the index finger cushion and check that the lens was turned inside out. Middle finger of the same hand pull the lower eyelid. With your other hand pull the upper eyelid and place the lens on the pupil. Gently lower eyelid, and blink lens locks into place.
How to remove lenses
Lift up your eyes and pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger. Forefinger to slide lens pupil to white eyes. Gently hold the lens between the thumb and index finger and remove it from the eye.
Follow these steps every time you shoot right contact lens Remove the lens and place it on the palm. Apply a few drops of the solution for cleaning contact lenses on external and internal surface of the lens and gently rub their index finger of the other hand for 15 seconds (this rule does not apply to colored contact lenses).
Rinse both surfaces of lens cleaning solution to remove all traces of fat. Place the right lens in the appropriate compartment of the container, fill the container for cleaning solution and close the lid. Repeat the same procedure for the left lens.
Some important rules for cleaning lenses produce after removal, but not before putting on; To avoid confusion, always take up a single lens. Most people start with the right lens; After you remove the lens from the container, pour the waste solution container wash and dry; Do not replace the universal solution for cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses normal saline! Saline has disinfectant properties; Use preparations for the care of contact lenses until the date specified on the packaging; Do not use saliva to clean the lenses; Insert the lens in the eye to imposing cosmetics. If possible, use a water-based makeup; During the voyage not use lenses or glasses used for swimming; Lenses should always be in perfect condition! Any damage contact lenses requires replacement. You must also strictly observe the period of use lenses; Strictly follow the recommendations of an ophthalmologist care for your contact lenses.
Causes damage contact lenses
Central ruptures can occur when: - clean lens strong circular motion; - Raskryvanii lenses when gluing.
Marginal damage may occur when: - strong closing forceps (tweezers lens); - When removing the nails, cleaning; - Laying the wrong lens cap container; - Contact lenses adhesion to the side wall in a flat container; - Drying of contact lenses with insufficient amount of solution in the container.
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