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icon reccomendation O2O2
O2O2 Premium-lenses 6 pcs/pk

Third generation breathable lenses

1 080 грн
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Lileya Color
Lileya Color Colored contact lenses for 10-12 months

Try Lileya Color - surrounding you feel prettier without knowing why

600 грн
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Lileya 40
Lileya 40 Correct low astigmatism

A considerable number of people medically preferred lenses with 38% water content

350 грн
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I-FRESH Soft solution lubricated and amino acid

Italian scruples with regard to health

345 грн
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Olimpia UV
Olimpia UV The most popular lens for 8-10 months

The most popular among the traditional lenses - gives a clear vision, steady comfort and is unpretentious in care

370 грн
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PolyVue HD
PolyVue HD High-definition contact lenses

Lenses of high-definition

270 грн
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Olimpia h
Olimpia h Machined contact lenses with higher water retention properties

conventional lenses with increased comfort

480 грн
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icon reccomendation Morning Q 1-Day
Morning Q 1-Day Bio-oriented one-day lenses + lubricant inside the material

Comfort all day long

750 грн
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Lileya Color nonstandard
Lileya Color nonstandard For people who have cataracts or atrophied iris

For those who have weak cornea Color

1 000 грн
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