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All in One Light


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All in One Light
We offer replacement
Manufacturer: Sauflon
360 мл
All in One Light - the first solution for contact lenses manufactured by Sauflon.
We can not sell you this solution. But there is no reason to be upset, but there is a reason - to try something new.
If you are concerned that the price of this solution is low, and you can not find the same product for the same zhengi, then: a) follow our publications and you'll find we have a good solution at a reasonable cost; c) add some money and buy a more advanced I-Fresh.
Or look for it in other stores.
Capacity, ml.:
Period of use after opening:
1 month
The minimum processing time:
8 hours
Removal of proteins:
no have
Having a lubricant:
All in One Light   author Ольга, 28.02.2016
Пользуюсь второй год. Раствор мне подошёл идеально.
All in One Light   author Оксана, 16.03.2015
В принципе - хороший и не дорогой вариант для ежедневного ухода за контактными линзами.
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We no longer sell this solution. But nothing of value, you have not lost. There is a reason to try something new.

Viktor Shevtsov Chief Consultant
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