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Opti Free Express


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Opti Free Express
solution for all types of soft contact lenses with strong antimicrobial effect
Manufacturer: Alcon
355 мл + контейнер 450 грн
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Opti Free Express - versatile solution for all types of soft contact lenses with strong antimicrobial action.
Opti Free Express - quite old development company Alcon, which, however, remains one of the best selling solutions in the world. Statistics of our sales in Ukraine confirms the leading position of the product on the market. Perhaps this is due to the prolonged presence of solution in the market, combined with the position of the doctors who are interested in its strong antimicrobial action. It is a pity that in Ukraine there is no another great product of Alcon solution Replenish, containing lubricating components.
storage and rinsing;
In this matter, the company Alcon also was different from the others. Instead of well-known and well-established Poloksamin poloxamers or she has used sodium citrate (citric acid). This agent is particularly effective in removing fat. Some people increased adipose secretion, and they note that the only solution Opti Free Express copes with this problem.
Strong disinfection provided with two agents - Polikvad and Aldox. Repeated testing in independent laboratories have shown that Opti Free Express really is a leader in solutions for the strength of the bacteria and microorganisms (except peroxide systems).
This feature in this product solved pretty bad. Sorbitol is used for hydration, produces only indirect function of moisture.
The buffer based on sodium citrate and citric acid polikvad 0.001%, Aldox, sodium citrate 0.56%, 0.021% citric acid, sorbitol, sodium chloride.
Capacity, ml.:
60 120 355
Period of use after opening:
6 months
The minimum processing time:
4 hours
Removal of proteins:
no have
Having a lubricant:
Opti Free Express   author Оксана Бойченко, 15.06.2015
Хороший раствор с антисептиком за хорошую цену. Плюс - новый качественны контейнер в подарок) хороший раствор, рекомендую
Opti Free Express   author Таня Лукьянцева, 28.04.2015
Уже давно пользуюсь месячными линзами Morning 55, покупаю к ним раствор Opti free Express. Очень удобно, никакого дискомфорта нет, мне на месяц хватает даже маленькой бутылочки. Спасибо за качество и отличный сервис!
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The solutions should be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator and in a dark place

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