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Opti Free Pure Moist


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Opti Free Pure Moist
The solution for contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses
Manufacturer: Alcon
90мл + контейнер 330 грн
300мл + контейнер 695 грн
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The solution for contact lenses Opti Free Pure Moist - a novelty in the Ukrainian market from the company Alcon.
The American company Alcon introduced to the Ukrainian market its latest (2012) solution Opi Free Pere Moist. According to the application of the manufacturer, this solution provides the hydration of lenses throughout the day. This property is billed by the manufacturer as important - on the face of the box it says "moisturizes for 16 hours." This option provides a proprietary system HydraGlyde ® Moisture Matrix which forms a water layer over the entire surface of the lens and forms a barrier which prevents its evaporation. The same layer prevents dirt deposits. On this occasion, the product has a positive press reviews.
Manufacturer repeated and applied his already proven, dual disinfection system.
Also, the manufacturer notes a good removal of fat deposits.
From our side we can note that the company Alcon is the only company that persistently ignores the use in their products of hyaluronic acid as a lubricant. We see no other explanation other than the fact that hyaluronic acid is a very costly component, which reduces, respectively, the company's profit.
storage and rinsing
hydration and lubrication
sterile buffered aqueous solution comprising sodium citrate polikvad 0.001%, Aldox, 0.021%, sorbitol, sodium chloride, EDTA, dual moisturizing agent and TETRONIC HydraGlyde.
Capacity, ml.:
60 120 240 360
Period of use after opening:
3 months
The minimum processing time:
4 hours
Having a lubricant:

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