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Manufacturer: SOLEKO
Флакон 380 255 грн
Флакон 120 190 грн
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Universale - all in one solution.

This is a new product of Soleko company, which depicts modern tendencies in the field of contact lenses care.
One of the directions of contact lenses care products development is work on reducing toxic effects of preservatives and disinfectants. The thing is that 10-15 years ago contact correction of vision was a relatively young industry. There were very small number of people with large contact lenses wear experience. Now, number of experienced users has grown significantly. World leading ophtalmological research centers have accumulated many new materials regarding contact lenses and care products. As a result of these researches, the criteria of low toxicity has incresased greatly. Manufacturers began to look for new components for disinfection and storage with lowest toxic effects. 
One of the solutions to this question is 2-component bactericidal system PHMB+polyquaternium, used in this product. It provides high bactericidal effectiveness in combination with low destructive effect. Similar system is used in modern solutions from expensive range- BioTrue, OptiFreePureMoist, Ekinos. And now, our consumer gets the opportunity to receive this option, but at much lower price.
The solution contains natural lubricant (hydroxyethylcellulose), known as emollient and lubricant substance. It`s easy to navigate even in the internet, that solution containing lubricant go straight to the range of the expensive ones.  
This solution has a well proven cleansing agent in its composition - Poloksamer 407. All this is in optimal buffer solution, which provides the right 7,2 pH balance.


  • has a modern highly effective 2-component bactericidal system, which consists of polyhexamethylene biguanide PHMB 0,0002% + polyquaternium 0,004% 
  • disinfectants do not enter the body, since polyquaternium represents a macromolecule which remains on the surface of the lens and gets washed away with the tear in the afterwards 
  • contains natural, not synthetic, lubricant Hydroxyethylcellulose, known as amollient and lubricant substance
  • has a balanced formula, which ensures the performance of all functions on contact lenses care



sterile buffer isotonic water solution, which includes sodium chloride, EDTA 0,01%, polyhexamethylene biguanide PHMB 0,0002%, polyquaternium 0,004%, hydroxyl cellulose, poloxamer 407 0,18%.


Capacity, ml.:
120 380
Period of use after opening:
3 months
The minimum processing time:
4 hours
Having a lubricant:
Presence herbal ingredients:
no have
Universale   author Владислав, 12.06.2021
Скажите, а контейнер идет в комплекте с раствором? Заранее спасибо

Здравствуйте. Нет, он идет без контейнера.
Universale   author Галина, 03.08.2020
Розчин дуже хорошої якості

Раді чути, що Ви задоволені.
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