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Features of contact lenses

03 Sep 2010
Contact lenses and glasses, contrary to popular belief, are not complete competitors to each other. There are situations in which lenses are preferable, but there are circumstances which are only suitable goggles. However, you can often choose between them, in which case the lenses have a number of advantages.
Contact lenses prescribed by doctors in various forms of astigmatism (astigmatic contact lenses), when a large difference in visual acuity in both eyes (anyzometropyy) with a high degree of myopia and hyperopia when you need to wear glasses with thick lenses that are bad for the image, and the children may interfere with communication with peers.
Lenses promote rehabilitation in afakyy (no lens in the eye), compensation of keratoconus (congenital corneal pathology in which its surface is not spherical and conical shape).
Contact lenses provide maximum natural view. They turn the peripheral vision (with glasses to see what is going on the side, you have to turn your head), increase visual acuity and clarity, do not sweat when you get in from the cold heat blikuyut not as lenses of glasses that especially important if you are driving. Contact lenses, unlike glasses, do not distort the size of surrounding objects. When moving eye contact lenses move along with them, so there is not those distortions that are inherent glasses.
Lenses are indispensable in sports, choreography, etc. - That, in the active lifestyle.
Contact lenses are safer in terms of injuries (sometimes much people ranyatsya robbery points).
It is easier to pick up a trendy and high quality sunglasses - no difficulty obtaining prescription sunglasses.
The lenses make it possible to modify or vary the color of the eyes (buy colored contact lenses), eye mask defects such as aniridiya, iris coloboma, albinism, cataracts. You can choose lenses with the original design, simulating, for example, the eyes of a cat or wolf.
Special UV protective lenses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays (buy contact lenses).
Points, however, also have some advantages over lenses. They can be quickly removed and put in a removed they do not have a special way to store, they do not require special care, they are more difficult to lose, they do not irritate the cornea. Remember, there are times when wearing contact lenses is not recommended. Doctor before prescribe lenses should check whether you have diseases such as keratitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis or allergic.
In contact lenses can not:
   - Swim, dive and take a shower - lenses can drain water;
   - To be gassed, dust or heavily smoky room - lenses quickly absorb all the odors, gases, particulates, and it can provoke irritation of the cornea;
   - You can not wear contact lenses during illness, especially if it is accompanied by high fever.
Contact lenses are best worn from time to time, alternating with glasses. Time to adapt to individual elements in all - from several days to several months. This is due to the fact that these took some time to get used to the reduction of oxygen. Doctors advise, until completely get used to the lenses, two or three times a day and at night drops instilled special. And then this conduct preventive course three times a year for 30 days with a break for three months.
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