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Pediatric Contact Lenses

28 May 2010
There are a number of clinical situations in which you must decide on contact correction in children from an early age. Including:
- A condition where the lens is missing (after removal of congenital cataract after surgery retinopathy in premature infants);
- astigmatism;
- Farsightedness and nearsightedness different stages;
- Defects of the eye structures.
Children older than five years, usually, we can select the contact lens production. For younger - special children's individual lens parameters.
The maximum visual acuity is formed before the age of 6-8 years, so it is important at an early age to ensure optimal conditions for its development. If the retina does not get adequate "correct" image at a certain pathology, eye learns to see the vision does not develop further to catch up will be difficult, or almost impossible. State when or by which reason does not develop normal visual acuity called ambliopiyey. Therefore, it is important to focus and direct the path of rays onto the retina using certain lenses (glasses, contact lenses, lens).
Despite the difficulties of selection of lenses and child care, which requires contact correction, contact lenses have significant advantages over glasses: minimal change image on the retina, the lack of prismatic effect at the periphery (distortion), the optimum "physiological" view. In addition, the large difference in refractive eye correction glasses enough is simply not possible because of their intolerance - images that fall on the retina are significantly different in size from one another, causing discomfort, dizziness (asthenopia).
An example of the main problem and that the issue requires correction of contact at an early age (three months) is aphakia (a condition when no lens). This measure hyperopia can reach up to +28 D. Of course, the problem is completely corrected glasses can not be due to the above reasons (the maximum that can be assigned for glasses - stikla with power 10 ... 12 D). In this case, contact lenses are simply irreplaceable, because they allow "cope" optimally even with such farsightedness, as well as many other tasks, and allow for the development of an increasing visual acuity in children.
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