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Products SOLEKO - Ukraine

29 Sep 2015

Italian manufacturer of ophthalmology company SOLEKO SpA introduced to the market of Ukraine means to care for contact lenses. Consumers got two universal solution, and two types of drops.

A solution of I-FRESH contains in its composition all the components needed for a comfortable wearing contact lenses: EDTA 0.01% - antibacterial agent, PHMB 0,0001% - preservative gidroksetiltsellyuloza - natural lubrication, polysorbate 80 - cleaner, taurine - an amino acid that is actively used in ophthalmology. The manufacturer is positioning the product as a solution having minimal toxicity and effects on the eye gently. This is confirmed by the high statistics of patients positive reviews. The product is available in two volume - 100, 360 ml. It has a fairly attractive price for a high quality product.


Grease QUEEN'S I-FRESH YAL drops incorporates two lubricating component - hyaluronic acid and gidroksetiltsellyulozu. At the same time, the concentration of hyaluronate is 0.2% - a record figure in the Ukrainian market. Traditionally a manufacturer adheres to the principle of minimal toxicity - EDTA 0.023%, 0.00005% polyhexamethylene biguanide. Probably, the product will be very popular, as unique in the market. Grease sold in the vial - 20 ml.


The solution EKINOS relative novelty company produced and sold in the European market since 2013. This is the first and still the only in Ukraine, the solution for contact lens care products containing herbal ingredients - extracts stem cells from biological meristems plantation Echinacea (echinacea) and sunflower lecithin (GPI choline). Both components are known for their beneficial effects on the metabolism, regeneration, restoration of the cells and tissues of the living organism. In its product development the company has paid attention to his abilities against gidrogelievyh silicone lenses. The company conducted a large number of tests on patients and volunteers argues that a significant share of positive feedback. The solution has a very high bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Biological tests for Staphylococcus stafilokok (Staphylococcus aureus), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Aerugionosa Pseudomonas), enterobacteria (serratia marecescens), Candida White (Candida albicans) and Fusarium (fusarium solani) showed the highest antibacterial and fungicidal power, meeting the study criteria established by UNI EN ISO 14729 for products to care for contact lenses. Traditionally for the company SOLEKO, product softened lubricant component gidroksetiltsellyulozoy. For sale in our market in the volume of 100 and 380 ml.


Drops Ekinos drops continue the line Ekinos. The product is designed to help users to wear contact lenses. Echinacea plant components and sunflower lecithin positively affect the tissues of the eye. Presented in a bottle of 20 ml.


Summarizing, we can say that the Ukrainian consumer received two proven and with a high percentage of positive reviews, the product line I-FRESH, as well as two products with the addition of herbal ingredients line EKINOS.

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