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The new solution from the company Alcon

29 Oct 2014

To keep up with the improvement of contact lens care products manufacturers are struggling to reinvent their respective disinfecting solutions with improved performance and greater ease of use.

Start of mass use element Fusarium keratitis in 2006, and then Acanthamoeba soon associated with inconsistency of these elements with their contact lens solutions. As a result of this threat to the industry, some manufacturers have changed their formulas, said Thomas Quinn, a practitioner from Athens, Ohio.

Opti-Free PureMoist by Alcon - a multi-purpose solution, "providing a high level of patient comfort when wearing contact lenses," - said Mile Bryuyik journal Primary Care Optometry News, practitioner, partner Premier Vision Group, a network of four ophthalmic offices in northwest Ohio.

Despite the fact that the solution will debut in the US market until June, Dr. Bryuyik participated in its clinical trials.

"One of substantially different from all previous components - molecule HydraGlyde (complete chemical name -poliksetilenopolioksibutilen), he says. Moisturizing the core molecule Gidroglayd has a large attracting force to the lens surface. This allows the contact lens to be hydrated for 16 hours.

"This is a truly innovative surface active agent that provides great hope," - notes Dr. Bryuyik. A study was conducted "double blind" method (when no trial participants nor the researchers (those who assess the outcome) does not know what kind of intervention is carried out trial participants) on patients who complained of discomfort when wearing lenses. Under the experimental conditions used alone solution Pure Moist, and others - another solution for the control study within 1 month. "Most of the patients in the group that used the Pure Moist, noted a significant increase in comfort in wearing lenses, which did not occur in the control group," - says Dr. Bryuyik, is one of the researchers. He is going to place the product in the top line for everyone who wears soft contact lenses. According to him, it is expected that tourists will be provided within 16 hours.

A separate study Pure Moist, who was not involved in Dr. Bryuyik, recruited patients who did not complain of dryness while wearing your contact lenses. Study randomized statistically demonstrated that the number of people

The study randomly found a significant difference in favor of a static group, favor a solution Pure Moist.

"The products work efficiently, compiled with the utmost care so that they are easy to use and the patient did not want to change the product to another", - adds Dr. Bryuyik. According to product information provided by the company Alcon, Opti-Free PureMoist supports the comfort of wearing soft contact lenses with the new basis of a block copolymer, developed by scientists and engineers. Also, the product is minimal staining of the cornea (associated with comfort), reduces the lipid deposition and demonstrates excellent biocompatibility. Moreover, dual disinfection system provides a "proven effective protection against a wide range of microorganisms."

According to the company's scientists began developing PureMoist 7 years ago, before the mass use of the element Fusarium keratitis and Acanthamoeba. The work involved 50 scientists.

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