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09 Dec 2009
Is it safe?
Revolutionary advances in the mid-eighties in the field of materials technology and manufacturing contact lenses made completely harmless, completely natural and indispensable attribute of modern life.
More than sixty percent of the world's population in need of vision correction, carried out her contact lenses. In the US and some European countries, this figure is even higher.
Is it difficult?
Care of contact lenses takes three to five minutes a day, about the same as brushing your teeth. Your optician will teach you how to take care of them.
Is it expensive?
The cost of wearing contact lenses are from 200 UAH (Lens "Likon") to 400-500 UAH (for the import of lenses) per year. Subsequently, the costs are reduced by 50-70% by reducing the cost of medical care during repeated visits to doctor's office.
Glasses or contacts?
Of course, most people wear lenses for reasons of convenience and beauty, but they have a number of other advantages. Here are some of them:
- The vision becomes more natural, the size of items appear almost realistic. Whereas, glasseso distort the shape and size of objects;
- Rim of the glasses restrict peripheral vision;
- when moving the eyes, contact lenses are moving along with them, so that this does not occur the distortions which are peculiar points;
- Lenses do not fog up in cold or wet weather, do not freeze in the winter, do not get wet in the rain, it does not stick to the snow;
- If you need vision correction which is very different in its parameters for each eye, the contact lens may be the only solution;
- Lenses are indispensable in sports, choreography and active lifestyle;
- Lenses help your children avoid the psychological trauma associated with wearing glasses;
- When wearing lenses, there is generally less need for frequent vision correction;
- Contact lenses can protect the cornea during its recovery. There are special healing soft lenses required for this purpose.
Can contact lenses impair vision?
Contact lenses do not impair vision, and often contribute to its improvement, as the improved work of different mechanisms, namely: contact lenses expand the field of view, which removes entirely unnecessary strain on the eye muscles.
Can I wear them at night for up to three months, without taking out ?
This opinion has arisen due to negligence of some doctors, businessmen. Experts of our company, as well as any ophthalmologist, worrying primarily about the health of the patient, answer this question categorically negative.
Indeed, the lens category "Super-class" can be worn without removing the night for up to ten days, but this period is different for each person and depends on the state of tears (the quantity of protein in tear), health conditions, conditions in which resides most time (clean air), the parameters of the lens. Now, two of the world's leading manufacturer of contact lenses introduced lenses with the continuous wearing period - up to thirty days, namely:
- Pure Vision lens company Bausch & Lomb;
- Lens Focus Niqht & Day of Ciba Vision.
These lenses have unique material properties. But even in these lenses, it is necessary to increase the duration of wearing progressively according to the schedule.
Indications for contact lens
Contact lenses is one of the vision correction ways which is effective in cases where the conventional correction method, i.e. with glasses, does not give the desired result, for example:
- At high myopia levels, when glasses are very heavy and also reduce the eye optically;
- When there is a large difference (more than 2.5 diopters) in view of the two eyes (anisometropia), when it is impossible to achieve one hundred percent visual acquity with glasses;
- The so-called "lazy eye";
- In aphakia, after cataract removal and so on.
In addition to medical indications, soft contact lenses are assigned for professional reasons, athletes, doctors, builders and so on. D.
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