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A solution for all types of soft contact lenses containing lubricant
Manufacturer: Avizor
350 мл + контейнер 330 грн
120 мл
AquaSoft - a solution for soft contact lenses containing a lubricating component (polyvinylpyrrolidone).
This solution is important for those who work a lot at the computer, with artificial air conditioning (non-wetting), non-standard heaters, with a large number of people. Also a considerable number of contact lens wearers in the evening observe a certain dryness of discomfort. In this case, you need to use a solution with a lubricant or special lubricant for contact lenses.
storage and rinsing;
hydration and lubrication.
This function is performed by using a long time component used in medicine - poloxamine. This agent effectively binds mud deposits, without letting them penetrate the lens material.
For disinfection is used Polihexanide. This disinfectant from polyamin propyl biguanide family, which are characterized by high efficiency coupled with a very low level of negative response of the eye. Polihexanide is especially effective against gram-positive bacteria.
Hydration and lubrication
As a component that performs humidification and preservation of water in the lens, the company uses Avizor polyvinylpyrrolidone. This lubricant, located in the classifier FDA - the main controls in the Department of contact lenses and care products. It increases the viscosity of the tear film on the surface of the lens, thereby improving its sliding and decreasing the evaporation of water from its surface.
Together with the company Opti Free Avizor solutions are most common on the European market.
Borate buffers, sodium chloride, Polihexanide 0.0002% poloxamer 0.25% EDTA 0.1% 0.5% polivinilpiralidon.
Capacity, ml.:
120 250 350
Period of use after opening:
3 months
The minimum processing time:
4 hours
Removal of proteins:
no have
Having a lubricant:
used substitute
AquaSoft   author Татьяна, 08.09.2016
Отличный раствор!! Пользуюсь им уже 6 лет. В промежутках "пробовала" другие растворы, но они мне не нравились (быстрее линзы пересыхали). Постоянно возвращалась к своему выбору :)
AquaSoft   author Татьяна, 22.02.2015
Пользуюсь этим раствором больше 5 лет, вполне довольна. Никаких нареканий.
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Unfortunately, this solution is bad removes protein deposits on the lens.

Viktor Shevtsov chief consultant
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