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Introduction to the practice of contact lenses

28 Mar 2010
Advantages and positive effects of contact lenses
Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses. They provide unlimited peripheral field of view, getting the image size, closer to the true, and no annoying glare. In cosmetic advantages, contact lenses are generally more comfortable and provide a more effective vision correction with fewer optical aberrations than glasses. Contact lenses are more comfortable in sports and professional activities; in their application reduces the risk of injuries in case of accidents (contact lenses online store).
Contact lenses can be used for medicinal purposes, such as keratoconus or afakyy. Contact lenses can be worn to protect the cornea and promote healing. They can be used for local administration of drugs to the eye.
Contact lenses are at the same time, a number of shortcomings. Successful contact lens wear depends on the thoroughness of care. Failure to comply with the instructions for use and care of contact lenses can be dangerous for the eyes. Some discomfort may require medical monitoring to assess the condition of the eye. In addition, contact lenses and care they may be more expensive than glasses.
Indications and contraindications for contact lens wear
Indications for wearing contact lenses:
- All violations of refractive errors, in particular:
           - Strong refraction abuse
           - Irregular astigmatism
           - Anisometropia
- Aphakia
- Keratoconus
- The protection of the cornea
- Ensure the healing of the cornea
Contraindications against wearing contact lenses:
- Inflammation or infection of the anterior segment:
           - Keratitis
           - Blepharitis
           - Conjunctivitis
- Chronic allergy of view
- Some systemic diseases
- Ptosis
- Reduced corneal sensitivity
- Xerophthalmia
- Violation composition of tear fluid
- Some professional activities
- Failure to comply with recommendations by wearing and care
- Lack of motivation user
Selection of contact lenses and care for them
Functions doctor
At ophthalmologist specializing in contact lenses, is responsible for proper selection of lenses. The initial stage of selection is examining patients. Not all patients are suitable for wearing contact lenses. The initial selection of patients is carried out at the discretion of the doctor. Next, the doctor evaluates alignment and movement of the lens and the patient's visual perception and convenience of wearing lenses.
The lens should be centered eye and (in the case of soft lenses) completely cover the cornea.
The lens should have some freedom of movement, so that was secured by duct tear fluid from the lens. This is important in terms of removing metabolic products and oxygen.
Visual perception
It must be measured refraction of the eye lens to ensure proper selection of optical power of the lens.
Ease wearing
The patient should feel comfortable wearing lenses.
The doctor must also conduct patient education. Education is as important as the careful selection of lenses. Patients should be given to the following:
     - Information on risks and limitations associated with wearing contact lenses;
     - Instructions for proper handling of contact lenses and care;
     - The system of lens care, corresponding to the needs of the patient and his lifestyle.
Duties patient
The role of the patient in providing and maintaining success in wearing contact lenses at least as important as the role of the doctor. The patient must:
     - Be aware of the risks and limitations associated with wearing contact lenses;
     - Implement the recommendations and advice of a doctor;
     - Follow the rules lens care;
     - Monitor the status of your contact lenses;
     - To carry out frequent checks of wearing contact lenses;
     - Monitor the status of the eye (the look, feel and so on).
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